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We are committed to fostering a transparent and honest relationship with individuals interested in Punta Vista Park. For this reason, we share the timeline of our work: keeping everyone well-informed and engaged with the neighborhood’s latest developments.
March 2023
Building Park Entrances

We will soon begin building the main entrances of Punta Vista Park. These entrances are the first point of contact for visitors and residents entering the park and will play a crucial role in creating a welcoming atmosphere.

February 2023
Construction of Sewage System and Water Infrastructure
Basic services such as water are usually not included when buying land in Costa Rica. It is also very costly for properties to get access to water. To eliminate this barrier for individuals purchasing land in Punta Vista Park, we will establish the necessary infrastructure that guarantees a clean water supply in the neighborhood at all times.
February 2023
Building of Tunnels for Animal Crossings

We are committed to creating a safe environment for humans and animals in Punta Vista Park. To achieve this, we are building under-road tunnels and passages to allow animals to move freely around the neighborhood.

January 2023
Construction of the Plant Nursery

We are building a plant nursery that will serve as a growing facility for trees and an educational space for the kids in the neighborhood. To kick-start the nursery, we received a generous donation of 3,000 trees from the Costa Rican government.

December 2022
Built a Hike Trail to the Waterfall

We built a 15-minute hike trail from the green public area on the property to a 37 meters tall waterfall. The hiking trail offers a unique opportunity for the residents and visitors to experience the tranquility of nature in Punta Vista Park.

September 2022
Extended the Public Road
We have doubled the width of the public road as a contribution to the area and the neighboring property. The extension of the road was aimed at improving the mobility of everyone in Santa Teresa, including the future residents and visitors of our neighborhood.
August 2022
Opened Punta Vista Park Showroom

We opened the Punta Vista Park showroom in Santa Teresa and placed a scalable model of our neighborhood for future residents to come and see. The showroom is opened daily to local and international visitors.

February 2023
Obtaining the Carta de Agua Certificate
We will receive the Carta de Agua Certificate from the relevant authorities with the registration of necessary studies and permits. The certificate will ensure the efficacy of our water supply system and provide peace of mind to the residents and businesses.
July 2022
Designated Protected Areas

The land in Punta Vista Park is partially covered with vegetation and partially defragmented from its previous use as a cattle field. We have mapped the areas of protection and defragmentation to establish safe tunnels for the animals throughout the property.

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June 2022
Obtained Uso de Suelo Certificate

We have obtained the zoning or land use certificate from Costa Rican authorities, which legally authorizes the occupancy and use of the lots. This makes the land purchase in Punta Vista Park more convenient, as the certificate is obtained for you.

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February 2022
Built new roads
We have completed the first phase of road construction using insights from our studies to determine where the water would naturally flow during the rainy seasons. Our careful approach ensures the roads remain unflooded during heavy tropical rains.
November 2021
Conducted detailed studies of the area

To harmoniously plan all the residential and commercial areas with the natural environment, we performed detailed archeological, biological, hydrogeological, and sociological studies. These studies informed each step of our planning process.

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September 2021
Mapped the topography of the land

We have collaborated with expert topographers to conduct a comprehensive typographic study of the area. The study helped us prepare a thorough master plan and the architectural model for the development of Punta Vista Park.

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August 2021
Fully purchased the land

Our funders have fully acquired 127 hectares of land at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, making Punta Vista Park a safe investment opportunity. This acquisition is debt-free, enabling us to progress with our vision for the neighborhood.

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