We are a team of passionate people

As a team of diverse individuals, we are united by our shared passion for creating a sustainable future.

Living in Santa Teresa and being fully-invested in Punta Vista Park, we prioritize protecting the land, supporting the functionality of all the utilities, and ensuring the safety of the neighborhood for everyone’s well-being.

We believe in a modern green future

Punta Vista Park was founded with a vision at heart. To reshape the future of modern green living by reintegrating like-minded individuals into nature, respectfully.

We were brought together by the love we share for the environment and the belief that a better, happier lifestyle in harmony with nature is possible.

As a team of architects, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and well-being enthusiasts we continually ask ourselves: “what can we do differently?”

And so, we are reimagining everything that a neighborhood can be. Offering a landing path for people to realize their potential, where living and co-creating while protecting nature is the norm.

Our mission is to make nature people’s new neighborhood with 50% of the land as a preserved rainforest with safe wildlife corridors, essential utilities, recreational facilities, and commercial areas needed to lead a modern green life.

Why reshape the future of modern green living?

To thrive as individuals, groups, and societies, we must be mindful of our impact on the environment we so deeply rely on.
We want to showcase that it is possible to create a neighborhood that meets people’s needs without harming nature.

We hope to inspire similar projects in other places in the world for the well-being of our planet and future generations.

Our neighborhood’s bylaws & reforestation efforts

With the aim of creating a sustainable neighborhood, we have initiated a set of guidelines accompanying our land conservation and ecosystem preservation project.

We curated Punta Vista Park following the bylaws of our neighborhood, a set of guidelines distributed as a contract.

The bylaws guarantee that no more than 10% of the entire land mass is used for residential and commercial needs, and only 20% of the surface of the lots is allowed for building.
All the residents and investors in Punta Vista Park are required to respect the land and use environmentally appropriate materials and technology as per the bylaws.
They will preserve the nature around us and promote the safety of everyone within the unique ecosystem of the neighborhood.
In addition to our bylaws, our neighborhood has its own reforestation initiative to preserve and revive the natural environment.

Our philosophy: Return on happiness

“Punta Vista” means a point of view or perspective. Return on happiness, for short ROH, is the point of view underlying our efforts to create a modern green neighborhood.

Achieving ROH means leading a life where you listen to your needs, respect other people’s needs, and find fulfillment in co-creating and giving back. ROH consists of participants, investments, cutting-edge technology, and charitable acts.

Punta Vista Park aims to become a platform that cultivates people’s happiness by providing the infrastructure essential for modern green life and attracting like-minded individuals to live and craft opportunities in the neighborhood.

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