Live well, with nature as your new neighborhood

At Punta Vista Park, we offer residential spaces for eco-conscious individuals and families who wish to live comfortably and in connection with nature.

By living in Punta Vista Park, you will contribute to the protection and preservation of Santa Teresa’s ecosystem, all while cohabitating with other like-minded individuals.

All the essential utilities at your convenience

Our team at Punta Vista Park has established the essential infrastructure to ensure that the transition from city life would be as seamless as possible.

Clean Water


Fiber Optic Internet

New Roads

Live in one of the most favorable destinations in Costa Rica

Punta Vista Park’s unique location will allow you to live peacefully in the middle of a natural park, close to Nicoya Peninsula’s main attractions.

A unique offer tailored for eco-conscious individuals

Living a modern life while giving back to nature is at the core of what we offer at Punta Vista Park.

Our goal is to provide a platform for like-minded individuals with a heart bond with nature, to co-create a better, much greener future.

Starting from $100,000
Size ranging from 1,000 to 20,000 m2
100% Private Funded Project
Available Financing Options
Includes Proof of Ownership

Personalized residential spaces

In addition to the standard offering, we offer residential spaces up to 60,000 m2 to be adapted for your specific needs. Think of houses in more isolated areas of the neighborhood or artist residencies.

Enrich your lifestyle with recreational areas & facilities

From a green amphitheater to modern shops, restaurants, yoga decks and playgrounds, our neighborhood includes everything you need to lead a fulfilling life in tune with nature.

Most importantly, Punta Vista Park has a specific area devoted to a modern learning environment for kids; with indoor classrooms and outdoor teaching spaces.

Recreational spaces for a
peaceful life in nature

Plant Nursery

Walking Trails & Viewpoints

Wellness Platforms

Yoga Decks

Playground & Skatepark

Club House & BBQ

Cultural, educational, and commercial opportunities

Green Amphitheater

Academic Partnership

Restaurants & Shops

Farm & Eco-hotel

Fitness Center


Join a thriving neighborhood

Life at the Nicoya Peninsula and places nearby, like Santa Teresa and Mal Pais, is booming with visionary people and projects.

Punta Vista Park aims to bring these people and projects together and give them the space to thrive and co-create for a better future.

Our team is always ready to help

The bylaws of our neighborhood guide life in Punta Vista Park and ensure the safety and well-being of all residents, including our neighborhood’s flora and fauna.
We care to sustain the one-of-a-kind ecosystem that Punta Vista Park belongs to, where mountains meet the Pacific Ocean.

Let’s find your place in Punta Vista Park

Book a call, a 30-minute video conference, or an in-person meeting at our Santa Teresa showroom. If you’re not ready for any of these, message us, and we’ll respond within a week.

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