A Unique Approach to Modern Green Living

Acknowledging that we are all a part of the natural world, we dared to envision a better lifestyle in Puna Vista Park—and relearn how to coexist in harmony with nature.

By living or starting your business in our neighborhood, you will have the chance to build your dream home, start your project, and co-create while supporting our reforestation efforts.

Part neighborhood, part reforestation project

To create space for a respectful and safe reintegration into nature, we studied the 127 hectares of land at Punta Vista Park and mapped all the natural water sources, woodlands, and wildlife.

The studies helped us determine the most suitable areas for residential and commercial use and allowed us to align our successful real estate development with land conservation and restoration.

More than 50% of Punta Vista Park is dedicated to preservation, reforestation, and wildlife corridors.
Less than 10% of Punta Vista Park will be used for residential and commercial purposes.

A neighborhood with reforestation as a foundation

Through our reforestation project, we will preserve the jungle where Punta Vista Park belongs and revive parts of the land formerly used as cattle fields, locally known as fincas.

These efforts will help maintain 50% of the land as an untouched jungle with safe corridors for wildlife and a unique microclimate that promotes healthy living.

30% Land Conservation

We will preserve the existing forests of Punta Vista Park by ensuring no one can exploit or cause any harm to the areas deemed for conservation.

20% Land Restoration

To achieve our reforestation and biodiversity goals, we will reintroduce plants and vegetation to the deforested areas formerly used as cattle fields.

Safe Wildlife Corridors

We will create tunnels and canopy pathways to safeguard our neighborhood’s wildlife and offer safe passage for animals to travel freely.

Let’s find your place in Punta Vista Park

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